Monday, August 1, 2011

Who'd You Rather: USA Women's Soccer

Who'd You Rather: Hope Solo vs. Alex Morgan.  Were back in business and the first Who'd You Rather is a good one.  Hope Solo or Alex Morgan.  Two of the USA Soccer Team's finest.  We have Hope Solo who is just a master at grabbing balls and keeping that goal on lock down.  She was amazing in goal when the USA played (except for the final), but none the less she did it while looking smoking hot.  She makes me want to watch Women's Soccer all day everyday.  Now Alex Morgan on the other is hand is great at handling balls and an absolute bombshell.  She makes every guy want to date a Women's soccer player now.  She comes off the bench in the World Cup Final and just makes shit happen.  If I had to chose I would have HOPE SOLO!  Being a fellow goalie, she just makes it happen for me.

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