Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Matt Damon just getting his OWN on to the reporter and her cameraman when talking about teachers.  Matt Damon just starts dropping bombs on the reporter and she has the blankest look on her face.  She looks like Matt Damon is speaking Chinese .  Her and her cameraman get OWNED!  End of discussion.  Don't come at Matt Damon with that weak ass shit.  Kid has to stick up for his mom.

And on another note where is that Busch League reporter and her cameraman from....Reason.TV???  Ma'am You Have NO Credibility!

Best Race Prayer Ever?

Is this what I have been missing the whole time in Nascar?  I just thought these idiots took left turns the whole time.  I did not realize you would get a fat guy thanking the lord for his "smoking hot wife".  I bet it is debatable how hot she is.  I thought that you could only thank the lord for your smoking hot wife in the moves.  But I guess you can do this in real life too.  But none the less this is an amazing prayer and it just makes me want to watch Nascar now to hear the comedy show before.

Does this Race Prayer beat Talladega Nights?  I am not sure because I think that the Pastor stole some material from Will Ferrell.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Who'd You Rather: USA Women's Soccer

Who'd You Rather: Hope Solo vs. Alex Morgan.  Were back in business and the first Who'd You Rather is a good one.  Hope Solo or Alex Morgan.  Two of the USA Soccer Team's finest.  We have Hope Solo who is just a master at grabbing balls and keeping that goal on lock down.  She was amazing in goal when the USA played (except for the final), but none the less she did it while looking smoking hot.  She makes me want to watch Women's Soccer all day everyday.  Now Alex Morgan on the other is hand is great at handling balls and an absolute bombshell.  She makes every guy want to date a Women's soccer player now.  She comes off the bench in the World Cup Final and just makes shit happen.  If I had to chose I would have HOPE SOLO!  Being a fellow goalie, she just makes it happen for me.


WERE BACK!!! Hide yo kids, hide ya wife, because were blogging!!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Why Cam Newton Shouldn't be #1 Overall

2002: David Carr - HUGE draft bust, considering Julius Peppers was taken #2 overall.
2003: Carson Palmer - He's threatening to retire and hates Cincy. Got to the playoffs...once.
2004: Eli Manning - His job? Just don't screw up - defense allows one of the the fewest PPG in the league. Yeah, yeah, yeah and a ring...I get it.
2005: Alex Smith - Don't remember him? EXACTLY!
2006: Mario Williams - one of the best DEs in the game. GM got fired for not picking Reggie Bush.
2007: JaMarcus Russell - cocaine anyone?
2008: Jake Long - The Dolphins magically can run the ball to the left...I wonder why?
2009: Matthew Stafford - Injured every other game and misses the rest of the season.
2010: Sam Bradford - Was NFL-ready as a Freshman.

The one-hit-wonder Newton hasn't proved much, yet the Panthers will most likely make him the #1 overall pick. Patrick Peterson, Marcel Dareus, and my personal favorite, Von Miller will be the Richard Seymour, Jerod Mayo and Devin McCourty of this draft.

When did we forget the saying "Offense wins games, but defense wins championships."??

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Another Hidden Gem!

Not really much to say other than this is another gem.  The Anne Frank Bash 2009.  Nothing is better than this shit.  Shout out to my girl Anne Frank.  She would be proud.

"My little laptop has dial up, how am I suppose to see two girls one cup"  best line of the whole song.  Fucking Epic!