Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Who'd You Rather: Spanish Actresses

Who'd You Rather: Spanish Actresses.  We have Paz Vega vs. Penelope Cruz.  Now Paz Vega was the banging Spanish actress that was in Spanglish.  She is 35 and still looks like a model.  Unbelievable.  She does have 3 kids which I am not a big fan.  But, when you look like that I can make an exception.  Other the other side of this conversation we have Penelope Cruz.  She is coming in at 36 and she is absolutely a BOMBSHELL.  Banging body. Amazing Face. Has an amazing tan.  She could be perfect.  She is a decent actress and she is going to be in that new Pirates of the Caribbean where you can guarantee she will be looking good.  She has 1 kid which I will look past.  I have to say that I get night sweats from thinking of Penelope Cruz.  You know who I have to go with on this one.  Penelope You My Girl.  Who'd You Rather?

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